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This week's brew demo.

Press Method - Alternative Recipe.

See below video of the Press Method, with recipe method as follows. Please comment and share your own experiences. Enjoy! 

Mark's Press Method: 
1. Weigh 22g coffee, grind setting 8 on Baratza Encore (or medium fine)
2. Heat 290ml water to 95degrees C (or, fill water to fill line in brew chamber)
3. Use 2 x AeroPress paper filter, insert into housing and lock onto brew chamber.
4. Place cup or server below and rinse paper filter with flow valve open to drain.
5. Close flow controller. Add ground coffee, and fill heated water to top of nylon filter housing (or 50ml) for bloom. Start timer and bloom for 30sec.
6. Add rest of water, filling to fill line or 290ml total.
7. Once 1:00 brew time has elapsed, open flow controller then insert press cylinder.
8. Total brew time should be around 1:45 when press has finished. Adjust grind as required to fix brew time or to personal taste.
9. Enjoy! 😄



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