Trinity Coffee Co.

Trinity ONE factory shipments have commenced. Origin Decanter launches.

Plenty is happening between now and the end of 2017 at Trinity Coffee Co. Read on for the most exciting and important highlights.

Trinity ONE Assembly and Factory Shipments

T1 Black is now shipping from factory.

We are going to send out all customer pre-orders as a priority as soon as we clear customs at your nearest distributor location.  

Origin Decanter Launches 

We are thrilled with the positive response of our Origin Decanter soft launch on Instagram. Thanks to the many followers who have come across and expressed their interest already.
The Origin Decanter is the minimalist brewer’s dream, yet at the same time offers a handy unique feature of a customisable flow rate through inclusion of 21 precision laser cut holes and 18 ‘sequence’ silicone grid seals.

Plainly, this means you can work with a broader range of grinder coarseness settings and associated brewing extraction profiles with any combination of 3-18 drain holes open for each individual brew.

Of course, it has been designed to integrate with Trinity ONE and adds cold drip and automatic pour over functionality (much like a traditional percolator, just BYO kettle).
Manufactured from high quality durable borosilicate glass, we are thrilled with it, and will be heading into production in October.

We are looking for resellers and distributors abroad. Contact us if you are interested in getting your hands on the first stock to hit shores worldwide.

Pre-orders will start as soon as we commence mass production.



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