Trinity Coffee Co.

Trinity ONE // Brew Kit

$325.00 $365.00

The only coffee making kit you'll ever need. 


  • Trinity ONE // Black Edition 
  • Origin Decanter // Glass Edition

Explore all of the ways you will be able to brew coffee:

  • Gravity Press (self pressing feature using the 2.25kg press cylinder)
  • Cold Drip (up to 500ml at a time)
  • Batch Brew (up to 500ml, simplified and hands free)
  • Pour Over (compatible with Chemex 6-cup filters)
  • Pour Over (compatible with V60 2/3 cup filters)
  • Pour Over (Origin Decanter compatible with Kalita Wave 155 filters)
  • Pour Over (Origin Decanter allows for customised flow / channelling)
  • Immersion (French Press style and Cold Brew)
  • Immersion (Tea brewing)
  • Espresso Style (extraction similar to 'Americano')