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Trinity Zero Model One is best suited for adventure seekers, who want the smallest and lightest coffee press possible. Model One weighs in at 115 grams, at 45mm in height and 90mm in diameter. It will easily fit in your pocket or hiking pack and store easily in the camping trailer or caravan. 

Trinity Zero Model Two is best suited for those who are already familiar with brewing filter coffee using other immersion coffee brewers, but want a more compact and simple design. The brew chamber for Model Two is 300mL, but it remains around half the height of other available coffee press options. The Model Two is also compatible with our Z-Pod which allows you to pre-dose your coffee before you embark on a hike, camping trip or the daily commute to the office. 

Our suggested brewing guide for Trinity Zero Model One is below. 

  1. Fill coffee basket with up to 18 grams of freshly ground filter coffee.
  2. Attach coffee basket onto water chamber and then fill chamber to the line marking shown (100ml).
  3. Allow 30 seconds for water to pre-infuse.
  4. Carefully attach the lid and commence pressing the pump.
  5. Press and hold for 5 seconds, then repeat until all water has passed through the coffee.
  6. Top up your cup of coffee with additional hot water or milk.

Our suggested brewing guide for Trinity Zero Model Two is below. 

  1. Add 15-20 grams of freshly ground filter coffee
  2. Fill to the Bloom line with hot water and gently stir the grounds.
  3. After 30 seconds, fill to the desired water level. Level 2.5 is recommended for 15 grams of coffee (250ml water).
  4. Wait for 3:00 and then add the pump lid and press any remaining water.
  5. Use the optional Z-Pod if you wish to pre-dose your coffee before commuting to work or on a hiking / camping expedition.

See an overview in the video below: 


Specifications MODEL ONE MODEL TWO
HEIGHT 45mm 90mm
DIAMETER 90mm 90mm
WEIGHT 115 grams 150 grams
NUMBER OF COFFEES PER BREW One cup (8oz) Two cups (12oz)