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Trinity ONE // Brew Kit.

Trinity ONE // Brew Kit.

Explore six brew methods. All in ONE.

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Unique ways to brew your coffee. For a cup like no other.

Gravity Press.

Trinity™ ONE is the first coffee maker that can press by itself for fast, consistent and repeatable results. This is achieved by the 2.25kg Press Cylinder which is made from individually cast stainless steel. Add a cap full of coffee to the chamber, then fill hot water to the line. Wait 60 seconds, and press. Enjoy the simple process, with an excellent cup each time.

Batch Brew.

No time to stand over your coffee, pouring circles with a kettle for 5 minutes? Then Batch Brew is the perfect solution. Fill the Brew Chamber with hot water and add your coffee to our Origin Decanter below, then use the Flow Controller to do the work for you. Make a 500ml batch (2 servings) with ease, all hands free, and with the benefit of consistency.

Pour Over.

Simplify the pour over brewing process, with the Trinity™ ONE Flow Controller. Choose a standard cup size (6oz, 8oz, 10oz or 12oz), then dose your coffee at a ratio of 2g/oz (i.e 12g coffee for 6oz cup). Simply pour over until cup is filled, then close the valve. Done. No scales or complicated brewing process is required. Compatible with Chemex, Kalita 155 and V60. Enjoy the same great results, without unnecessary effort.

More reasons why it's the only coffee brewing kit you'll ever need.

French Press Style.

The first patented French Press dates back to 1929. Enjoy this classic brewing style on the Trinity ONE. Simply add water to the Brew Chamber, then add half a cap of coarsely ground coffee, stir in for rich bodied immersion. Once ready, open the valve and strain your coffee through our high grade 180 micron stainless steel filter disk (included).

Cold Drip Coffee.

Cool down and slow down at the same time, with a refreshing batch of cold drip coffee that works wonderfully with ice, a dash of milk, or as a mixer in tonics when you need to cool down. With Trinity ONE, you can brew up to 500ml of Cold Drip coffee in a single batch. Add ice and water, then use the Flow Controller to set the drip rate you desire.

Espresso Style.

While it is not possible to achieve a 9-bar pressure environment, the Trinity ONE does offer exceptional possibilities to experiment with increased pressure brewing. Create fantastic long-black and americano style brews with increased viscosity and intensity of extraction. Pair your coffee with milk if desired, or enjoy it straight up.

Trinity ONE // Brew Kit

$325.00 $365.00

Trinity ONE // Brew Kit
Trinity ONE // Brew Kit Trinity ONE // Brew Kit Trinity ONE // Brew Kit Trinity ONE // Brew Kit Trinity ONE // Brew Kit Trinity ONE // Brew Kit Trinity ONE // Brew Kit Trinity ONE // Brew Kit

Trinity ONE // Brew Kit

$325.00 $365.00

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The Trinity ONE Brew Kit is the minimalists' ultimate dream, uniting to unleash a total of six brewing methods. Brew Gravity Press, Cold Drip, Batch Brew, French Press (Immersion), Pour Over, and 'Espresso Style' coffee, and go further, exploring your own creativity and inventing your own styles and recipes. The Trinity ONE was awarded a Good Design Selection award for its innovative design and advancement in coffee brewing. It boasts an elegant design solution offering a completely new approach to coffee brewing - which is also cost effective. Buy all of the other brewing devices out there.. or save spending the extra money and buy ONE.