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Trinity Zero. The Coffee Press with Purpose.

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Coffee and convenience. The best of both worlds. 

Trinity Zero Z-Pod is our new patented pod compatible coffee maker, making filter coffee perfectly convenient while on the go. You can pre-dose your favourite coffee at your preferred grind and weight before you embark on your trip, whether it's to the office, camping with the family, or the mountain peak. 

Funded by coffee lovers

Our story started in 2015, after we designed and launched the world's first all-in-one coffee maker, the Trinity ONE. Funded on Kickstarter by coffee lovers, it became Australia's most funded coffee project at its time, with more than $100,000 raised.

Award winning design

We were awarded a Good Design Selection Award for Trinity ONE, but didn't stop there. We added our Origin Decanter to the line up, bringing 3 more ways to brew including the increasingly popular cold drip method and hands-free drip coffee. And to cap it all off, our Trinity Zero Coffee Press was awarded a Good Design Award in 2021.


We have a passion to create products that aim to minimise environmental impacts, and encourage customers to consume less. The result is the Trinity Zero, which is now available to our customers worldwide.