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ZeroPress - Model One

ZeroPress - Model One

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The ZeroPress is our patented coffee press designed for one single objective - to be the most lightweight and ultra-portable coffee press possible. 

ZeroPress is the ultimate companion for adventurous souls and avid coffee enthusiasts alike. Engineered with innovation and wanderlust in mind, this compact and durable coffee press is a game-changer for those who crave the rich aroma and flavour of freshly brewed coffee while traversing the great outdoors.

Crafted from lightweight BPA-free polymer materials, the ZeroPress is designed to withstand the rigours of hiking trails and globetrotting escapades. Its sleek design boasts efficient thermal conductivity properties which prevents heat losses when brewing anywhere from home to the highest peaks. 

The ingenious pump mechanism, combined with a micro-filter system, guarantees a clean cup without the need for paper filters. The press disassembles for effortless cleaning wherever you find yourself.

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