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Origin Decanter

Origin Decanter

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Integrated Decanter & Dripper

Improved heat retention and smaller, lower profile footprint

Durable Borosilicate Glass

Custom flow profiles

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  • Customise Flow Rate

    The unique silicone grid seal system gives you a number of flow profiles to suit your preferred grind setting.

  • Durable Borosilicate Glassware

    Enjoy a delicate brewing experience with quality glass finish, perfect way to savour that perfect coffee.

  • Aerate your wine

    The best side-kick both in the mornings and evenings. An excellent aerater and wine decanter in one.

Extract your Origin.

Pour Over coffee is used by world brewing champions for a good reason. It is a tried and tested method that can be relied upon for extracting the best from your coffee.

The Origin Decanter is a unique 'flat bottom' Pour Over coffee brewer, designed to enhance the vibrant flavours and aromas from your coffee. It comes with a number of silicone grid seals that can be used to customise flow profile.

Designed with an integrated dripper and decanter, the Origin Decanter does not experience as much heat loss as a traditional 'over the cup' dripper. The result is a slightly warmer cup of coffee when you are ready to serve up, and kick back.

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