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ZeroPress - Model Two

ZeroPress - Model Two

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Made for Specialty Coffee

The ZeroPress Model Two is our new patented Z-Pod compatible coffee maker, making filter coffee perfectly convenient while on the go. You can pre-dose your favourite coffee at your preferred grind and weight before you embark on your trip, whether it's to the office, camping with the family, or the mountain peak. 

The Z-Pod is 100% reusable and prevents unnecessary single use waste going to landfill. It is manufactured with a focus on minimising raw material consumption, and is extremely lightweight and 100% recyclable. 

You can purchase with or without the Z-Pod. We recommend the Z-Pod for travel and camping. However without the Z-Pod you can still the same brew immersion and press brewing methods that are already familiar with our original Trinity Zero, resulting in a clean and bright extraction every time. 

What's in the box:

  • Trinity Zero (Model Two) 
  • 100 x Paper Filters
  • Silicone Cup Adapter

Z-Pod is sold separately. 

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