About us


Back in 2015, we kickstarted our journey by conceiving and launching the world's initial all-in-one coffee maker - the Trinity ONE. This innovative product garnered immense support from coffee enthusiasts, becoming Australia's most heavily funded coffee venture at that time, raising over $100,000.


After receiving the Good Design Selection Award for Trinity ONE, we continued to innovate by introducing the Origin Decanter to our product line. This addition brought three additional brewing methods, including the ever-growing popular cold drip technique and the convenient hands-free drip coffee option. Moreover, our efforts culminated in the recognition of our Trinity Zero Coffee Press, which was honored with a Good Design Award in 2021.

Our driving force is to produce items that minimize harm to the environment and inspire customers to adopt more sustainable practices. As a result of this commitment, we have developed the Trinity Zero, which is now accessible to customers all over the globe.