Delter Press Brewing Guide

There are endless possibilities brewing with the Delter Coffee Press. To begin, all you will need is freshly ground beans and hot water. From there you can venture into a variety of coffee styles and preferences. Be sure to always brew to your own taste and enjoy crafting the perfect cup. 

  • 1. Prep.

    It all starts with fresh coffee.

    Dose 12 grams of coffee per 200mL of water.

    Grind finer than french press, but coarser than espresso.

    Rinse your filter, add ground coffee, twist on filter cap, then place on cup.

  • 2. Pour.

    Filtered water improves flavour.

    Pour to the 200mL "Fill" line (if plunger is inserted).

    Heat water to 94 degrees C for best results. Water off the boil is fine.

    Place the Doser on top of the plunger after pouring to prevent heat from escaping.

  • 3. Press.

    Press slowly for stronger coffee.

    Raise the plunger to allow water through the seal to your desired volume.

    Never press firmly and adjust grind to be coarser if you experience resistance while pressing.

    Aim for a brew time of around 2-3 minutes.

What are the advantages?

Faster, more efficient brewing.

One of the advantages of injection method brewing (vs immersion method) is a more efficient brewing process. This is due to the coffee grounds remaining confined to a coffee 'puck' while brewing, instead of mixing throughout the water all at once. Less room to move means more extraction under pressure. Brewing on the Delter is a similar concept to espresso, but at a much lower pressure.

Brew larger batches.

The problem with other coffee brewing products that use immersion brewing is that they require larger sized versions to brew larger batches of coffee.

This is not the case with the Delter Press. Due to the innovative injection brewing approach, you can add additional water and press through the coffee, easily brewing enough for 2 servings (450mL or more).

Convenient and portable.

The Delter Press easily packs into a backpack, or can be easily stowed in the caravan for great tasting coffee on the go.

No wasteful pods, low environmental footprint.

No need for wasteful pods or heavy and bulky home coffee and espresso brewing set ups. Enjoy great tasting coffee with consistency and ease, and enjoy a lower environmental footprint while doing so.

  • Flat White / Latte

    Using a higher dose of coffee (18 - 22 grams) with less brewing water (100mL) will result in a concentrated brew that will pair well with hot or steamed milk.

  • Filter / Black

    Designed for the cleanest tasting filter coffee, the Delter Press is right at home making consistently exceptional filter coffee. It's unique design allows batches up to 400mL with ease (enough for 2), with no dilution needed.

  • Cold Brew

    Use a higher dose of coffee (18 grams) and substitute half of the brewing water for the equivalent weight in ice (e.g 100mL brew water over 100g ice in cup) for a delicious flash ice cold brew. Enough for 1 serve in around 2 minutes.

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