The new way to brew.

Frustrated with inconsistencies resulting from the immersion brewing process, we set out to design a completely new way to brew coffee altogether that could produce more consistent results.

Enter the Delter Coffee Press, the first injection & infusion method coffee maker, offering a unique brewing process that results in a cleaner and brighter coffee extraction, with improved consistency.

Explore the Delter Press range.

We have two production models of the Delter Press available. Both have always been manufactured from crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan™ since 2018. Both offer our unique ‘injection method’ coffee brewing for cleaner and brighter tasting coffee. So what's the difference? Our Clear model comes with 100 x micro paper filters, and the Grey model comes with a reusable 304 stainless steel 180 micron filter. Of course, both are compatible with both paper and our stainless steel filter, it's just a matter of what 'comes in the box'!

Delter Coffee now lives here.

Our Delter Coffee products are now located here at Trinity Coffee Co, alongside our Origin and Zero line up. All funded on Kickstarter, all designed by our same passionate team, and all designed to make brewing great coffee easier and more enjoyable.

Our sales and support team are contactable via the contact form on this website, or additionally for Delter Coffee related queries including wholesale, you can still reach out to us using

Say goodbye to valves.

Brewing Cold Drip Coffee is a great way to enjoy coffee in the summer season - or let's face it - all year round in Brisbane, Australia. Frustrated with having to re-adjust valves to maintain a steady flow rate, in 2020 we came up with an innovative valveless cold drip coffee maker, which drastically stabilises your flow rate with zero effort needed.

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